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Learn Chinese Language in ChinaLearn Chinese Language in China

Want to Learn Chinese Language in China? Huayi Chinese Language School is a well established learning institution located in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. We are fully licensed by the Chinese Government and provide, what we think is, the best possible learning experience and environment for people who need to learn Mandarin Chinese language.

By actually coming to China to Learn Chinese Language in China, we provide the student with a total immersion into learning Chinese. We do this by not only providing you with Chinese language classes, but also giving you the immersion into Chinese culture, customs, traditions, history, and many other things.

We have programs designed for the total beginner to students who can easily communicate in Chinese, but just want to improve their fluency. All of our programs are an intensive learning experience to deliver you the most during your stay in China.

All of our programs are designed to meet the individual students needs. If you have any special needs to meet your specific requirements, please feel free to contact us and let us work out the program that is right for you.  remember, to do it right, you really do need to Learn Chinese Language in China!

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2014 Classes Full & 2015 Almost Full

Classes Full for 2014 – Try Online Chinese Learning!

Once again we find ourselves with full classrooms.  There may be plans in the future for expansion, but for now we are simply working at full capaicity and can not accept additional students.  The helpfulness of being able to speak Mandarin Chinese is becoming more and more obvious within the international business community which means finding reputable instruction is not as easy as it was a few years ago.  With that said, we would once again like to recommend online instruction and one of the best online solutions can be found with Rocket Chinese.  To view their site and get all the details of the programs they offer, simply click on the visual above.

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Thailand Sites

Thailand Info Sites Recommended

Thailand Tourist ActivitiesWe are dedicated to providing the best information possible for learning Mandarin Chinese, but today we’ll make an exception.  During our travels around Asia, we have come across so many resources.  This has not been limited to China/Chinese resources!  We have recently come across several sites providing a wealth of information about Thailand and have listed them here.
Just like China, Thailand has so many sites, activities, and other points of interest.  Two general information site are, What To Do Thailand with all sorts of helpful things to know about Thailand.  A more specific site is What To Do Bangkok, and as the name implies talks about improving your Bangkok experience.  Most people already know that the Thai people are devoted Buddhists.  That brought us to the other two sites.  One is Temples In Thailand, and as the name implies, discusses many of the popular Buddhist Temples around Thailand.  The last site is again Bangkok specific.  It is Temples In Bangkok showcasing many of the famous temples in Bangkok, as well as some of the not so often “tourist visited” temples.

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Asian Art

Asian Art Store

Interesting Asian Art Site

A good friend of mine, who travels to Asia for three to four months every year, has an Asian Art site I’d like to introduce you to.  He travels all around Asia, including trips to Qingdao, China, searching for new art and artists.  He has created this very good site a few years ago and is now adding some very informative articles about art in several Asian countries.  I’d like to invite you to check out some of the information there, as well as view some very nice pieces of art from China and most of the countries in S.E. Asia.  Have a look by clicking on Visit The Asian Art Store.

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Online Mandarin Chinese Course

Classes Full – Try Online Chinese Learning!

Since all of our 2012 Mandarin Chinese Classes are full, you may want to have a look at this online learning alternative.  You can view our choice for Internet classes by clicking the ad to the right, or the same ad at the very bottom of this page.
Sorry we can not accommodate your needs with live classes here in Qingdao, but this alternative method has helped many of our clients who can not afford the time or expense of traveling to China to study.

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2012 Courses Full

Learn Mandarin Chinese LanguageDue to an extremely high interest in learning Mandarin Chinese language and the desire to learn that Chinese in a truly  “Chinese Environment”, ALL of our classes have been filled until the end of 2012.  Additionally, many of our 2013 classes are approaching their limits.  As we have discussed in previous articles, there is a growing demand to learn Chinese.  And, it is becoming come and more recognized how important it is to not only learn the language, but to also learn the customs and culture that come with the language.
If you had an interest in attending classes this year, we do apologize  that we can no longer accept applications for this year.  We do thank you for your interest in our school, and if we can be of any help in other ways, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Go Beijing


Have a look at Go Beijing

One of our friends has recently started adding lots of interesting posts about Beijing, China.  Their site is dedicated to providing helpful information for the new visitor, seasoned traveler, and people who actually live in Beijing. They are constantly adding new articles about many of the points of interest around Beijing as well as other very useful information about the Capital City of China.  You can have a look and gain access to this valuable resource by clicking on Go Beijing here.  Enjoy and hope you’ll find everything you need to know about Beijing, China!

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Learn Chinese Month

November – Learn Chinese Month in the USA

Yep, you read it right, November has been designated as “Learn Chinese Month” in the United States. But then, why wouldn’t the International Business Community want to learn Chinese? With 1.3 billion posible new customers, it only makes sense to be able to “talk” to them!

Learn Chinese Month

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Learn Chinese Now – The Language of the Future

Learn Chinese Now – The Language of the FutureLearn Chinese Now

By Eithan Dickerman

With the continued advancement both in the field of technology, business and the like, one can infer that, indeed, a lot of things have been changing. One good example would be the abrupt rise of Chinese as one of the languages being learnt by many foreigners. What made them so passionate to learn Chinese, which is in fact considered as one of the hardest languages to be learnt? Well, why Continue reading

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The Best Way To Learn Chinese Is To Go To China

The Best Way To Learn Chinese Is To Go To China

By Gabriel Stiller

China is one of the cradles of ancient civilization. Its history reverberates even in the present times; its language is spoken by the majority of the world. Nowadays, almost everything is made from China. Being dubbed as the next economic superpower, business is indeed flourishing in the said country. China has etched itself several milestones in businesses, research, sciences, and arts. It is but logical to think about learning the Chinese language as it may be the universal language in the future. With all the marvels to behold, who wouldn’t want to have the opportunity to visit the land of dragons and Continue reading

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Is It Possible to Learn Chinese Fast?

Is It Possible to Learn Chinese Fast?

By Gabriel Lozen

Nothing is really impossible as long as one is genuinely interested and dedicated in the subject. Of course it is possible to learn Chinese fast. You just have to be dedicated and willing to learn and be taught.

Learning this wonderful language is not as hard as you think. By taking lessons, you can learn to speak fluent Chinese. You Continue reading

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