A Few Ways to Learn Chinese

A Few Ways to Learn Chinese

By Stan Goh

As a foreigner who has no idea whatsoever of how the Chinese language works, have you ever thought of learning it? Do you think it’s possible? Of course, if there’s a will there’s a way.

As long as you are interested, then it is possible to learn the Chinese language. Are you intimated by the thought of learning a foreign language? Well, you are overreacting really. There are lots of ways to learn Chinese and they’re pretty simple too. You won’t believe this, but you will be able to learn Chinese in less than 10 weeks! Learning a new language is no walk in the park. It is true that children learn languages a lot faster than most adults do. This means that you must know how these children learn their languages so that you will learn faster as compared to other people who are also attempting to learn Chinese.

First, you should start speaking in Chinese. It is much easier to learn as compared to writing. Starting a conversation in Chinese is way easier than writing down this whole article in Chinese. Chinese consonants are pretty simple. Chinese tonal quality is pretty different as compared to other languages and that is why some people think that learning it is very difficult. You should also be very careful with your tones in Chinese. A slight difference in tone could give something you said an entirely different meaning. In order for you to learn Chinese fast, be aware of the different tones that are used in the Chinese language.

That is why audio-based courses are a must for those who want to learn Chinese fast. It will help you to become more sensitive to the different tones and pitches that are used in the Chinese language. Try joining a class personally or look for CD-based course on the internet. These courses must be more focused on the spoken aspect of the Chinese language rather than the written. Make sure that the instructors in these courses are native Chinese speakers as well. This method is the best method to learn Chinese fast.

It also pays to make friends with some Chinese people. You can interact with them, giving you an idea of how conversational Chinese goes. They can also correct whenever you are wrong as you can clearly see their different reactions to what you are saying. Pay close attention to how they use their words and how they speak. Soon enough, you will be able to understand them clearly and you will not be at a loss for words. Your first attempt at the Chinese language will make you sound pretty funny at first. It’s just like a Chinese man trying out English for the first time so don’t be ashamed,there is always room for improvement. Practice your conversational skills with close friends before going out to a Chinese community and interacting with the people there. You might say something funny or offensive, so be extra cautious of what you are saying.

I guess you’re probably wondering where you could find Chinese friends. Well, you could develop close relations with Chinese neighbors or the owner of your favorite Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood. Follow these tips and I’m sure you’ll be speaking Chinese fluently in no time.

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