A Few Ways to Learn Chinese

A Few Ways to Learn Chinese

By Stan Goh

As a foreigner who has no idea whatsoever of how the Chinese language works, have you ever thought of learning it? Do you think it’s possible? Of course, if there’s a will there’s a way.

As long as you are interested, then it is possible to learn the Chinese language. Are you intimated by the thought of learning a foreign language? Well, you are overreacting really. There are lots of ways Continue reading

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So You Want To Learn Chinese?

So You Want To Learn Chinese?

By Gabriel Lozen

Now that you have decided to learn a second language, you are on your way to being bilingual…and who knows, in the future, a polyglot. If you want to learn Chinese, you have to brace yourself with the many options that are available. As there are many ways to approach learning Chinese, ask yourself what aspect do you want to study first. Do you want to start with writing Chinese scripts? Would you like to learn simple words and practical conversational phrases? If you have a previous background in Mandarin, then you probably would like to take your learning to another level. Advanced classes may entail mastery of Chinese grammar, song or poem writing, and even business Mandarin. Continue reading

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Tips to Help You Learn Chinese Better

Tips to Help You Learn Chinese Better

By Gabriel Lozen

It’s a fact that a lot of people all over the world are dying to learn a new language, especially the Chinese language. It is also a fact that learning a new language is not exactly a walk in the park. It can be pretty difficult. Of course, nothing is impossible through sheer hard work and willpower. It is very possible to learn Chinese fast and here are a few tips to help you learn Chinese fast. Continue reading

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Learn Chinese Online Free

By Lance StrongLearn Chinese Online Free

Nowadays, people are very much interested in learning various types of languages that can help them out in their upcoming career. Learning more and more languages can help you to enhance your skills as it makes you different and unique from others. There are around 8000 languages being spoken in this world. Each of the languages has their importance and benefits which can help you anytime. Among the endless list, a language which can never be forgotten is Chinese. The significance of this language is quite different from other languages spoken in this world.

The Advantages Of Learning Chinese Online

There are various institutions that deal with the training and teaching of Chinese language but in today’s world the trend is quite different. Instead of going institutes, people prefer to go with the online courses which allow them to learn the language more efficiently as compared to that of traditional methods. These online courses allow you to comprehend Chinese in 5 minutes which is a very short period of time. You can learn Chinese online free of cost.

If you are thinking that learning the Chinese language will be costly for you and will jump out of your budget, then I must tell you that you are totally wrong. There are several websites that offer free tutorial for learning Chinese language along with its basics. However some of them offer complete course at quite minimal rates which can be easily offered by anybody and would also be in the budget. You can easily learn Chinese online free with the help of numerous sites available on internet.

The advantage to learn Chinese online free is that there is no need to spend your precious time in going to various institutions as you can easily grab all the teachings related to Chinese language just by sitting at your home. You can find various sites which can help you to learn Chinese online free without charging any of your bucks. The benefit to learn Chinese online free is that you can get audio and video displays which can help you in making the things simpler that can’t be done by attending the regular classes for learning the Chinese language.

With the assistance of online courses that helps you to speak Chinese, you can enhance your pronunciation. A confidence can be easily reflected, if you have decided to learn Chinese online free courses with proper tutorials. If you love to visit different parts of the world, then China can never be neglected as it is the most important place that you need to have in order to have fun in china. Thus, you need to learn the Chinese language to have total fun and entertainment at this amazing place. To make it possible there are various institutions and sites which offer you Chinese online free courses.

Hence it is recommended that you should go for it rather than other traditional ways.

So, if you are interested in learning the Chinese language then you must prefer the online free Chinese  courses for maximum benefit or output.

Do you want to learn Chinese so you can speak it confidently and naturally? You too can use simple methods to Learn Chinese In 5 Minutes and find the knowledge you seek at http://learnchinesein5minutes.info/.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lance_Strong

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Learn Chinese And Make The Best Investment On Your Future Career

by: Kevin Young

Think about this: One of every five people in the world speaks Chinese. Apart from native speakers, Chinese is fast catching up to become one the most important international languages for business interactions and trading. In recent years, internet access has greatly increased in China. A report released by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) indicates that by the end of 2008 there were more than 298 million internet users of who 279 million had a broadband access1. If this pace continues, within the next ten years Chinese will become the largest common language on the internet. The effort multinational organizations take in releasing web pages in Chinese emphasizes the importance of the Chinese market. In a country like China with a population of more than 1.3 million and an average annual GDP growth rate of above 10% it is a promising market.

To learn Chinese is the wisest and most lucrative investment you can make for your career. Proficiency in any language, in this case with Chinese will make for easier communication with your Chinese counterparts in any setting, thereby eliminating misunderstanding and avoiding unnecessary lapses. Whether you are interested in international business or the government, learning Chinese will surely improve your career prospects. To be able to speak one of the most difficult languages in the world is also a qualification that you can use for tangible career benefits.

Learning Mandarin Chinese is like a journey. Aiming towards your destination, you are always going to enjoy the scenery along the way. To learn a language, you must try to put yourself into the particular cultural setting. This is ever truer when it comes to Chinese culture. Your interaction won’t be effective unless you understand the idea behind such a cultural setting. A good approach will add new perspectives to your usual way of going ahead with your learning.

If you get a chance to study abroad in China the most invaluable part of your experience would be your chance to practice words, phrases and sentences you learned in the classroom with native speakers in an indigenous setting. You will know more about Chinese thoughts, approaches ways of life. This difference in cultural mores will make sense only when you experience them first hand.

If you hold a single culture perspective you shall run the risk of falling prey to the gaps that are often a part of cross-cultural communication. You background of being part of a Mandarin Chinese course as well as the Chinese culture education at large will be particularly appealing to businesses that are involved in international interactions. With worldwide collaborations in vogue between different countries, there will be good opportunities for you to find decent jobs both in China and your home country.

Minds Abroad(http://www.mindsabroad.com) is a Chinese language program at Kunming in China, aiming at offering top quality Chinese language tutorials for a wide student base. With an informed cultural awareness, Minds Abroad designs it’s program in a way that people from different cultural and educational backgrounds can learn Mandarin in the most effective and proficient way. Keeping up with the dynamics of the cultural exchange programs for international students, Minds Abroad knows how to get the best for its clients and students.

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Learn About Chinese Dialects

by: Kevin Young

No other language is spoken as widely around the globe than Chinese. Conservatively speaking, one of every five people worldwide speaks Chinese. Beyond the fact that there are more people speaking Chinese than any other language; it is one of six official languages of the United Nations. Chinese is both used in formal meetings as well as for documentation. With China emerging as a major economic superpower in the last part of the century, Chinese language has begun to make its foray into the developed countries of the West. Claiming an international audience, Chinese is fast becoming one of most popular languages of exchange even on the web.

Chinese language stereotype

One stereotype that the West held about China was that the official language of China is Cantonese. There was a legitimate ground for such misunderstanding. Those earliest Chinese who migrated to other countries were primarily from the Southern coastal provinces like Guangdong (formally known to the West as Canton) where Cantonese was the widely spoken dialect.

After the Great Wars, Asia caught the world’s attention for their economic achievements. Of the Four Asian Tigers, three were Chinese based communities- Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, the other one being the South Korea. Chinese martial arts and culture gained centre stage popularity in the West through Hong Kong and Hollywood based movies like those starring renowned martial artist and cultural icon Bruce Lee.

Mainland China did not expose itself to world until the 1980’s. After a decade-long political turmoil that led to the introduction of reformative policies for a more Western and market-orientated economic system by former statesman Deng Xiaoping in 1979 that China and its culture gradually gained currency among international communities. Mandarin language study and Chinese culture education plays an important role in enabling people to have a correct understanding.


“Putonghua”, more commonly Mandarin Chinese is the largest spoken form of Chinese in the Sinitic language family. Cantonese, Wu, Min are other varieties that are widely spoken. Your understanding of this c classification will be helpful in choosing a suitable study abroad Chinese language course. Let’s take a look at the predominant dialects.

Mandarin – was initially referred to as “GuanHua”(官话), or “official standard language” in Chinese. It is the most widely used spoken language, covering the most of northern and southwestern China. 70% of the Chinese people speak Mandarin. Developed from the northern Mandarin, the standard Mandarin or Putonghua used today literally translates into Commonly Used Language. Mandarin Chinese courses are the most popular language programs.

Wu- A type of Chinese that is spoken in provinces of eastern China, like Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai. Marked by its soft, gentle and mild tones the Shanghainese, or Shanghai language is a prominent dialect of this variety.

Min – Another major Chinese variety that is widely spoken by overseas Chinese, especially in the Southeast Asian nations of Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. In China, this language is spoken more in the Southeastern provinces of Fujian and Taiwan. Linguistically speaking, Min is different from other Chinese dialects that have their origin in central China.

Cantonese – Was the best known Chinese dialect in the world for a long time. It was also mistakenly deemed as the official language of China.

Today it is the commonest spoken language for non residential Chinese around the world. In Hong Kong and Macau, two former western colonies it the spoken tongue of the majority. In the wake of the Communist era when China was shutting its door to the world, Hong Kong and Macau became the main windows for the outside world to understand China.

Xiang – Primarily used in Hunan, a central province in China it is a dialect that has been significantly influenced by Mandarin Chinese and losing its uniqueness. The former Chinese chairman Mao Zedong was from Hunan and had a very strong Xiang accent.

Hakka – It is mainly spoken by Hakka people in different regions of Southern China. Together with Cantonese and Min, Hakka is another common Chinese variety among migrant Chinese communities.

As a potential student interested in studying abroad in China, you will come across dialects like; Gan in Jiangxi, Huihua in Anhui, Jin in Shanxi and Pinghua in parts of Guangxi.

It is true that there are more Chinese dialects than we think, because with every main Chinese type there are many other sub-dialects. It will be wise to choose a good place to start your Chinese learning if the thought of study abroad in China has ever come to you mind.

It is true that across China you can find Mandarin schools and universities that provide Chinese language programs, but it does not mean you can just choose randomly from any of them. Language learning environment plays a critical role in the proper acquisition of any particular language and it is no different for Chinese language learning either. Your language prowess will only increase with practicing classroom teaching in real life situations.

Minds Abroad(http://www.mindsabroad.com/) in Kunming is the perfect place for you to study Mandarin Chinese abroad. Study Mandarin in China with Minds Abroad that offers you quality Chinese language lessons and a good language environment for Chinese immersion. In Southwest China, Kunming falls in the Mandarin speaking belt. The Kunming local lingo, though not completely identical with Putonghua is close enough for you to practice what you have learned in the classroom. Kunming also has the soundest weather around the year. Enjoying a temperate climate around the year Kunming does not have scorching summers or freezing winters like the rest of the Chinese mainland. This is where Kunming scores over all the other Mandarin dialect speaking regions. Kunming is often called the “City of Eternal Spring”. Kunming is also home to 26 diverse ethnic groups of China. You can not only enjoy your study but you can also enrich your experience by exploring different cultures through weekend trips to 5 neighboring countries that we offer.

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Why Let Kids Learn Chinese

by: Ray Ritchey

Parents in the olden days had their children learn another language for a variety of reasons. These days, our world is fast becoming connected everywhere. We can now meet and connect with anyone, anywhere. The newest turn of technology presses the reason why we should have children learn another language, such as Chinese (or more languages even if conditions permit).

There are a lot of languages out there that may interest parents. Chinese is one the languages that have the most increase in the number of learners in the US. Most parents say the reason why kids should learn Chinese is mostly for future economic advantage, or for more personal reasons.

Why Learn Chinese?

Flexibility in future occupation. China is currently the second largest economy in the world. It is doing the groundwork to be the top economy, soon enough. Biggest factories in the world are now in China. The country that produces most products is also China. Conversely, the biggest export market right now in the US is China. Maybe when your child becomes of age to have a business or job, your child may have an opportunity to deal with economic leaders in China. Speaking Chinese for business transactions will definitely prove to be a handy skill.

Diplomacy in future leadership. Who knows, maybe your child will become a government leader. It is a big plus for leaders to know a variety of languages. Dealing with markets and Chinese leaders in the future are good reasons why people should learn Chinese.

Educational reasons. Chinese culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world. It is over 5000 years old. Learning the Chinese language helps your child learn more about the Chinese culture. Learning a language gives a better understanding of the world from looking at how words are derived.

In the US, schools are offering language courses for students to be well-prepared for future opportunities. Chinese is one of the top languages enrolled in. If your child is already learning Chinese at this age, your child will be able to get top marks in language courses in school.

The SAT II also has a Chinese Proficiency Test, it will be a big plus if your child already knows one of the languages being tested before entering university.

Improved mental ability. Studies show that kids who are fluent in two or more languages, usually are more skilled in looking for different ways to solve problems. Since Chinese is a language that sounds way different from English, being proficient in both languages will trigger more mental associations whenever one word or phrase is thought over. Who knew learning Chinese can make people smarter?

Sensitivity to different cultures. Kids who know other languages are better able to identify with children of other races and cultures, but more especially so when the person comes from the country that the child knows the language of. Making friends with people of other cultures helps make children aware of respecting diversity. They are also able to communicate with other children and this opens their eyes to the situation of children with different backgrounds.

Likewise, there are a lot of Chinese communities around the world that your child may need to interact with in the future. Knowing Chinese will be a big advantage.

Net effectiveness. What language is most used in the internet today? English? No. Mandarin Chinese is the most used language in the internet today. The net is the vital part of the present and future. It will pay well if your child knows how to communicate in Chinese online.

Family reasons. If you, your spouse’s or your child has Chinese background, knowing how to speak Chinese connects your child to relatives in a highly emotional manner, compared to relatives speaking a different language. Also, if you have Chinese background, letting your child know the language of your ancestry instills love and pride for the culture. It is harder to love a culture (or a family member) when you don’t understand each other, only because of language reasons.

These days, learning Chinese is not as complex as it used to be. There are books, books with audio guides, videos, songs, software and other easily accessible learn Chinese materials and will truly help a lot in learning to speak Chinese. With this in mind, there is another reason as to why learn Chinese – because you can.

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Learning Chinese Absorb Many Professional Methods To Attain The Profeciency

by: John Abraham

Learning Mandarin can be a enjoyable and can be a very beneficial skill. Learning Chinese language is utmost imortant in this modern world. The Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world.

It is very important to learn chinese because it will give extra options for the imployment in various induatries including manufacturing as well as in teaching, translation, interpreting, and the growing travel industry. As there are a lot of chinese communities in the westren countries, the employers are giving additional priority to chinese people . With Asian economies growing radically, learning Chinese significantly improves your chances of victory in job markets dealing with these economies. More over, learning chinese is more fun too.

Even if your just a casual traveler, learning it can also be beneficial since a large amount of the sign boards and instructions in China are logically written in Chinese, though the appearance of English signs is increasing. Studying Chinese to order food or communicate with locals, as well as talking with taxi drivers will enhance the experience of your travels significantly, if travel is your primary goal .

Studying Chinese is one step to joining the ranks of the businesses elite oriented toward the growing China market. Chinese is one of the eminent languages of the world. Learning Chinese is, as it is all over the western world, part of a world-class education

We will have lots of professional ways to learn chinese language wherein it takes more investment and time. So its important to vary your wealth to insure that you augment your language learning experience. Chinese is most toughest language for most of the english speaking people.

Choose the greatest method to learn the chinese language, otherwise it complex to grasp the same. Much importance should be given to the accent and pronunciations while learning Chinese

Chinese tutors are not mush expensive as you think. So you want to be careful not to end up paying more money than is required. Learning Chinese will take extra time and it is an evolving process. While you can’t learn the language overnight, you can discover resources that may give you an edge time wise and simply the amount of effort you exert .

A crucial challenge to consider is that of vocabulary. Having used countless books and courses to learn to read Chinese I found some including the Pimsleur Method to be of benefit . The most valuable ones were those who made sure to present new vocabulary first. In the case of Mandarin, the most time will likely be spent on the script. Then a story using this new vocabulary in conjunction with formerly learned vocabulary was presented. In terms of audio only programs, a array of excellent courses are existing.

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Chinese Learning – You Can certainly Impress Business Partners Or Traveling Companions With Your Skill

by: John Abraham

So, you have decided to learn to speak Chinese to advance your career or to get more from your travels. Do you feel fear of learning a second language that is really prospect? If you are like me, you probably have nightmares about endless, mind-numbing lists of vocabulary and grammar rules.

A well structured course programme on “learn to speak Chinese” will form a solution for every one to fulfill their ambition. Any language to learn will not take longer time and also you can not learn to speak Chinese in short duration of time.

In order to choose a top rated Chinese course pack you must see the quality intensiveness about the course. Let’s take a look at what you should avoid and what you should look for when going on this new, mind-expanding and enriching adventure.

Chinese course outline should not contain the following:

1. Just 5 minutes learning course to speak in Chinese .

2. If course material is containing repeated lists of grammer rules and vocabulary lists with poor quality of presentation.

3. When finally you have arrived with a huge vocabulary but course has different direction from real conversations .

You must want if the following present in the intensive Chinese language pack:

1. If the pack is full of fun and fast way of learning to speak Chinese. You want a course that will focus on building speaking confidence, while facilitating a natural accent.

2. To boost the individual confidence to participate in real conversations

3. Though the beginner’s pack should be capable to grab the attention of advanced student. If the pack is full of fundamental aspects for a lengthy chapters becomes boring .

4. If the pack starts with the basic greetings like saying hello and receiving complements with ease and grace will be more receiptable to the students . Imagine how impressed business partners or traveling companions will be with your new skill!.

5. A course that offers constant Chinese language support and encouragement.

6. The teaching aids and other relevant methods to keep things interesting and fun.

7.An emphasis on using actual conversational phrases, rather than the memorization of lists of words. This is the best way of developing a feel for the language and immersing yourself in it. This kind of course offers a much higher success rate.

8.The well structured course modules built out of research for over a period of years will make students to learn the language in a quicker way .

9. Native speakers of Chinese can teach proper accent while interacting with them should form the part of pak.

Whether you need this second language because you are about to travel to a Chinese speaking country, or because you have a Chinese speaking partner, or want to study Chinese and need better resources to make your learning easier, or simply because you love Chinese literature and film, and want to immerse yourself more fully in the language – whatever the reason, you will soon be ready to impress native speakers if you begin to learn to speak Chinese the easy, fun way today.

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At First For Learning Mandarin Chinese Language

by: Wang Liguang

In the business world needless to say, speaking and listening are the most important skills in order to share your idea.

Let me put my concept straight if you know what you want to converse and you know lots of Chinese words, then you can easily create sentences in Chinese!

Well that’s what you will be getting from this website

Free learning more with sound at http://www.easy2chinese.com

You might be asking yourself this question How can I read and learn Chinese without knowing any Chinese’s letter? My answer is “You can start by reading PIN YIN language. PIN YIN is the language which is used by people who learn Chinese around the world.

My piece of advice is First of all, you should know about 3 things in Chinese. They are Grammar, Alphabet, and Vowel and Pitch Tone .

Somehow, if you’re bored out of your brain with the Grammar, you can just pass the step and get straight to the conversations. By clicking the sound buttons which will show you every word, you can try memorizing them all. This way is the easiest and most enjoyable way to learn Chinese. And at any certain time in the future where you feel that you want to learn it profoundly, you can come back to the Beginning. Make your own choice of learning! learning Mandarin Chinese free at http://www.easy2chinese.com

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