Starting Today – Confucius Quotes

Today I will start posting quotes from Confucius.  I have been Chinese Teacher and Scholar Confucius
posting some of his shorter quotes on Twitter and do to their popularity; I will do the same here every day.

Confucius, also known as Kong Fu-Zi, who was born in Lu, China, lived from 551 BC to 479 BC.

Confucius was a teacher, scholar and slight political official whose interpretation on Chinese literary classics developed into a practical philosophy for daily life. Not firmly religious, the teachings of Confucius were a practical approach to social harmony and clarified moral obligations between individuals and social groups.  After his death his pupils collected notes on his sayings and doings and recorded them.  This collection was added to over the years, and many sayings although attributed to him are probably more loosely based on his teachings. During the Han Dynasty (early third century), his approach was formalized into a political and religious system.  It was embraced by later generations and became the “state religion” of China until the latter part of the 20th century. In recent years critics have condemned Confucianism, characterizing its reliance on culture and tradition as an obstacle to modernization.

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