The Best Way To Learn Chinese Is To Go To China

The Best Way To Learn Chinese Is To Go To China

By Gabriel Stiller

China is one of the cradles of ancient civilization. Its history reverberates even in the present times; its language is spoken by the majority of the world. Nowadays, almost everything is made from China. Being dubbed as the next economic superpower, business is indeed flourishing in the said country. China has etched itself several milestones in businesses, research, sciences, and arts. It is but logical to think about learning the Chinese language as it may be the universal language in the future. With all the marvels to behold, who wouldn’t want to have the opportunity to visit the land of dragons and emperors?

In the modern age of globalization, China has opened it doors to other countries, not only in Asia but also to the Western world. It’s a good thing they offer scholarships to foreign individuals in their reputable universities. If you are very eager to learn Chinese, it is a nice idea to spend some time in the country and enroll in open courses as an exchange student. If you do not intend to stay as long but would want to be fluent in Chinese, search for short-courses on Chinese lessons with just a few clicks of your mouse.

The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture where it originated from. Think of it as a lasting impression with actual relevance in your objective of learning the language. The usual study module includes not only daily Chinese lessons in script and speech, but also visits to historical sites such as visits to temples, Great Wall of China, and even the Forbidden City. Aside from these field trips, you also get to taste authentic Chinese cuisine. As they say, what better way is there to learn a language than to be one with the locals?

Online audio tutorials are available on the net but it lacks the holistic experience of learning Chinese. Sometimes, the online audios are pronounced very slowly, which may be good for beginners, but confusing later when used in actual practice. Simply put, the ones in these websites are not very good examples of how real Chinese conversations go about. Mingling with the locals, talking to native Chinese tutors, and a good cultural overview make a learning trip to China worth your while.

The beauty of the Chinese language lies in its complexity and tonality. It’s not enough that you know the word; it matters how you pronounce it as well. Exercise what you’ve learned by going to the market and see if the grocer understands you. Eat at restaurant downtown and try to read your order from the menu. While in China, go and savor every thing that is perceived by your senses. Listen. Look. Experience. Enjoy. Studying Chinese may very well be one of the toughest in the world but if your lessons are as enjoyable as a trip to China, it will be one heck of a learning experience you’ll never regret.

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