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Thailand Tourist ActivitiesWe are dedicated to providing the best information possible for learning Mandarin Chinese, but today we’ll make an exception.  During our travels around Asia, we have come across so many resources.  This has not been limited to China/Chinese resources!  We have recently come across several sites providing a wealth of information about Thailand and have listed them here.
Just like China, Thailand has so many sites, activities, and other points of interest.  Two general information site are, What To Do Thailand with all sorts of helpful things to know about Thailand.  A more specific site is What To Do Bangkok, and as the name implies talks about improving your Bangkok experience.  Most people already know that the Thai people are devoted Buddhists.  That brought us to the other two sites.  One is Temples In Thailand, and as the name implies, discusses many of the popular Buddhist Temples around Thailand.  The last site is again Bangkok specific.  It is Temples In Bangkok showcasing many of the famous temples in Bangkok, as well as some of the not so often “tourist visited” temples.

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