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  Programs:  We offer programs at four levels; Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced.  In addition, we have a program that is geared towards business and another that includes an internship after completion.  If you are a total beginner, naturally you will start at that level.  If you already have some skill in Chinese language, we will give you a simple verbal/written placement test upon your arrival to insure you enter at the proper level.  You may also want a program designed with the intension of taking/passing the Chinese Proficiency Test or HSK which is the Chinese equivalent to the American TOEFL exam.

Start Dates:  Group classes start at various levels weekly.  When you contact us and as we discuss your individual needs, we will also let you know specific dates for your level.  Of course, if you're requesting one-on-one classes there is more flexibility on starting dates.

Below are the classes that are offered at each level along with the price for the entire course.  NOTE:  All prices are quoted in local currency (Chinese Yuan/RMB)

Duration Intensive Group Course
(20 lessons per week)
Super intensive Group Course
(30 lessons per week)
One-on-One Course
(20 lessons per week)
One-on-one Course
(30 lessons per week)
2 weeks 1800 2700 5200 7800
3 weeks 2700 4000 7800 11700
4 weeks 3600 5400 10400 15600

Stay longer?
  These courses are for 2/3/4 weeks.  For students who wish a longer program, that can be easily arranged.  If you feel you will need a longer program, contact us with your specific needs and we'll be happy to prepare a longer program of study.  Of course, once you are here, we can also discuss an extended stay.  What ever your needs, we will offer you our most reasonable price.  There is also the option of combining group lessons with one-on-one lessons more an even more intensive learning experience.

Additional single classes are priced as follows:

One-on-One One-on-Two Group
130 70 45

Plus Package
  In addition to regular classes, we also offer and recommend our "Plus Package".  This is an extra learning experience to better immerse you into "The Total Chinese Experience" during your stay.  The Plus Package will include three cultural events each week.  The initial Plus Package will include a trip to Mt. Laoshan as one of those cultural events.  Other events may be; calligraphy classes, Qingdao City Tour, Chinese cooking, a visit to the Confucius Temple, Tai Qi/Kung Fu classes, origami classes, dumpling party, various games and activities, and other activities of interest to the class. The price of the Plus Package is:

Duration Plus-Package
2 weeks 1800
Every additional week 700

It is best to make all arrangements for your accommodations before your arrival.  We will assist you in every way to make your arrival a pleasant experience.  Accommodations prices listed below are per night:

Single Room
Single Room
Double Room
Host Family
200 350 250 250

For longer stays (a month or longer) you may want to rent a studio apartment.  We can also help to arrange this for you.

Your Arrival  If you wish, we also offer a pick-up service when you first arrive.  You will probably arrive at the Qingdao International Airport and our personal pick-up service fee would be 250 Yuan/RMB.

Payment:  Program fees - there is a 10% deposit at the time of registration and the balance will be due by the first class start date.  With prior approval from the school, the class start date may be changed with no penalty.
Accommodation fees - there is a 15% deposit at the time you arrange for accommodations and payment in full prior to actually moving into the unit.  This deposit will be forfeited in the event you change or cancel the arrival date.
Payments can be made by either bank transfer or by using PayPal. 

What you will Receive:  In addition to an education and great learning experience, everyone completing one of our programs will receive a certificate of your demonstrated ability in Chinese Language.  If you take the HSK test, you will also receive the government Certificate of Chinese Proficiency.  Click here for examples.

1.  One lesson will be 50 minutes in length
2.  All course materials (learning materials, books, CD's/MP3 files for some courses) are included in the prices
3.  As stated above, ALL prices are quoted in Chinese Yuan/RMB
4.  For current currency conversion rates, you can do this on-line using or any other financial Web site.


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