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Qingdao, or Tsingtao, in Chinese means lush or green island.  This beautiful coastal city with its warm summer beaches and calm waters was listed as the 9th most livable city in China by the China Daily.

Sometimes called Northern Chinas premier ocean resort, Qingdao enjoys a Mediterranean style climate and has been called the Switzerland of the Orient.  Once colonized by Germany, Qingdao still has many fine examples of European architecture.

A city of over seven million people and boasting a booming economy, Qingdao still has a very peaceful and friendly  atmosphere.  The birthplace of Confucius and Taoism, you can find a nice mixture of the old and modern Chinese culture and traditions.

Qingdao, a well-known holiday resort, has many attractions for the visitor:
Small Qingdao Island is famous for its unspoiled natural scenery with its steep rocky outcrops and many varieties of trees.
Qingdao Seashore Scenic Area with its beautiful mountains, seashores, and architecture.
Number One Beach noted for its clear water, mild waves, and soft sand is the largest sandy beach in Asia.
Badaguan Scenic Area with its foreign villas and paths, it is known as The Ten Thousand Country Architecture Garden.
Golden Sand Beach, although not visited by many people, its well worth seeing.
Zhan Bridge is one of the important symbols of Qingdao and is a must see attraction.
Qingdao International Beer Festival attracts thousands of people to celebrate this 16 day event which starts the second week in August.
Other Places to Visit Include:  Taiqing Palace, Zhanshan Temple, Tsingtao Brewery, Old German Governors Residence, Qingdao Municipal Museum (, Qingdao Underwater World ( Mt. Laoshan (a day trip out of the city)  Known as the cradle of Chinese Taoism, Mt. Laoshan is well worth a one or two day trip to do some climbing and take in the sights.

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Qingdao has an excellent public transportation system.  Naturally you're going to want to do some walking just for the opportunity to get out and meet "the locals" but both the bus and taxis are quite cheap.  A regular bus ride will cost 1 Yuan and the taxi fare starts at 7 Yuan plus 1 Yuan surcharge per trip.
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