Why Study in China?

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You ask, why study in China?Wouldn't a better question be, why would some one wanting to learn a foreign language not study where that is language is the native spoken language? 

Someone in another country wants to learn English.  They ask an English teacher; what is the best and fastest way to learn English?  The English teacher replies, go to an English speaking country and "immerse" yourself in the language.

This is even more true with the Chinese language.  You see, Chinese is not just a language you learn, it's an experience.  Learning Chinese is not just a language, it's a culture, its filled with customs and traditions.  Those are things you can not learn from a CD-ROM, any books, or even in a formal classroom at the best university.  You need to immerse yourself into the country where everyone speaks Chinese and will help you "live" the culture.

You have many options when it comes to learning Chinese in China.  There are the obvious cities like Beijing and Shanghai, and naturally those cities will give you a great learning experience.  But, we feel those and some other cities around China are a little too big!  Also, they really are too fast paced to present you with a good learning experience.  This is why we established the Huayi School in Qingdao, China.  True, Qingdao is a city of approximately eight million people, but it does not have the fast pace and all the hustle and bustle of other cities of this size.  The people are very pleasant and are almost always happy to engage in conversations with foreigners.  In fact, the average person in Qingdao will be impressed that you are learning their language and will help you.


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